Free Flow Spirit will work with you to create a program that reflects your needs and fitness level. Customized workout programs incorporate a wide range of exercises to ensure that you have fun while also reaching your goals. How do you want to lose weight? Check out some of your options below:

Fitness balls are an excellent and fun tool in mastering core stability, balance, control, and strength. This is why physical therapists and Pilates instructors use them to rehabilitate back, knee, and hip injuries.

Free Weights are an effective way of improving strength. Lifting weights can burn calories, tone, increase muscle size, and improve endurance. For older adults, especially those at risk of or diagnosed with osteoporosis, lifting free weights is an excellent way of increasing bone density and improving the quality of life overall.

Boxing has become one of the most popular and effective ways of getting into shape. People are learning what boxing enthusiasts have known for years—that boxers are some of the most highly conditioned athletes competing in sports today. Following some simple procedures can build stamina, tone muscles, and burn calories fast. Boxing is truly one of the best exercises out there because it is a whole-body workout.

Suspension Training is a great addition to your workout regardless of age or fitness level. These strength building exercises allow you to use your own body weight without fear of falling. Suspension Training provides a unique workout for those looking for a new challenge.

Resistance Bands are a great alternative to free weights or machines in strength training. They offer smooth resistance that increases the further the band is stretched, resulting in a progressive load that can lead to faster gains than those achieved through traditional strength training techniques.